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River Road

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An Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy that seeks to remove the stigma around EDI initiatives by focusing on impactful change by rethinking how organisations work every day. As a new business, Antoinette needed a strong presence online to help establish her as an authority in the industry.


We met with Antoinette from RiverRoad and listened to their aspirations to make an impact in the EDI space.

The website needed to highlight how RiverRoad is not just another EDI consultancy. Antoinette believes in making organisational changes so that everybody is on the same page. In her own words: “For us at RiverRoad the future of EDI is not standalone diversity training, or demographic specific strategies. EDI comes to life when organisations are willing to reimagine their ways of working, what they value and who they are.”


Our talented designer, Amy, got right to work on designing a delightful website that really showed what RiverRoad is all about. Instead of cliche stock photos, illustrations were used to compliment the vibrant colour palette and written content.

This was brought together perfectly with some subtle animation and the result is a website that is as delightful to look at as it is to use.

Amy was fantastic on the build, very responsive, easy to work with and gave great advice. I’m very happy with the final result!

Antoinette Willcocks

River Road

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