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Based at Canary Wharf in London, Pennyhills is a team of remote accountants who deliver out-of-hours dedicated support, securely and sustainably. Their services include tax compliance, self-assessment, legislation, growth support and much more.


We met with the team at Pennyhills and we got to know them, and explore their needs. They told us they wanted to grow their online presence with a brand-new website; but more than that – they wanted a website that challenged the traditional conservative view of the accounting profession and a site that reflected the team’s vibrant personality. Pennyhills is also a business with a passion for sustainability, and the website was to echo this ethos and contribute to it however possible.


Pennyhills now has a colourful, intriguing, and lively website that certainly doesn’t shout ‘traditional accountants’ to its visitors! We used lots of bright colours, shapes, curves, symbols, and simple but effective animations to create a website that feels vivid and, above all, interesting. Fresh professional photography, quotes from satisfied clients and a blog all combine to make an eye-catching yet professional look and feel. To help meet Pennyhills’ urge for sustainability, we built the website to be around 84% cleaner than the average, in terms of energy usage and carbon emissions. We also promote this fact on the website to help raise awareness and inspire a more sustainable internet. The team at Pennyhills are very happy with their website and continue to thrive.

It was a pleasure working with these guys. We came with ideas, they supplied the magic! We strongly recommend them for any project.

Nidhi Yadav


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