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Mikari is a fully qualified senior performance nutritionist and registered dietitian, based in South East London. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or improve your performance, she helps her clients to achieve exceptional results, and lead a healthier life. Mikari offers evidence-based personalised nutrition education, guidance, and support to help her clients revolutionise their relationship with food, optimise their body composition and take their performance to the next level.


As a new business owner, Mikari and the Resknow development team had a good chat about her work and her initial needs – which included the creation of bespoke branding and a website to showcase her work and the ‘call to action’. This would support her social media channels and support brand recognition in multiple channels. Mikari wanted us to create the right image for her new business and promote the value her work adds to people’s lives.


We worked closely with Mikari to establish the right image, look, and feel for the business, which is essentially about Mikari’s passion for nutrition and health. To convey a feeling of total professionalism, we opted for a simple white and pastel colour scheme of blush pinks and blue with a strong contrasting black logo and font. We incorporated fresh and vibrant food images to give a feeling of vitality and health, with embedded photos from Mikari’s social media platforms to encourage visitors to follow her. The navigation is simple and clearly displays Mikari’s range of services – including her blogs, presentation skills, brand endorsements, and her nutrition packages. In addition to the website, Mikari asked us to design and print her business cards as a more traditional, face-to-face approach to the promotional work she was doing. These are all on brand and perfectly complement her digital presence to create a consistent image.

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