If you’re a small business on a budget, chances are you’re well aware of the benefits investing in a professional website can have in terms of increased visibility, reach and sales. Nevertheless, knowing something and being able to afford something are two very different things.

Today we thought we’d help you filter through the often unnecessary, somewhat excruciatingly expensive features and elements (such as custom CMS, bespoke quoting forms, appointment schedulers etc.) and pinpoint budget-friendly business website essentials, in the hope that it’ll save those of you reading a few (likely more) pennies. So, grab a pen and paper and let the lesson commence!

Fully Responsive

It no longer makes any sense to have two separate websites designed to ensure you cater to users of all devices. Mobile-friendly, fully responsive websites may cost more than your standard but you will undoubtedly save money, attract more customers and improve SEO by opting for such an inclusive, modern route.

Home Page

Whatever the purpose of your website is, it absolutely requires a introductory homepage to welcome visitors. A homepage is one of the most crucial element to any site, as it ultimately determines conversions and bounce rates. You can include a lot or little information on your homepage – and if you choose a lot and are clever about the design, you may not even require many other pages, cutting costs further.

Service Page

If you aren’t able to properly display and describe what it is you do or sell, then a service page is vital. Business websites are similar to a shop front. In order to attract people, you must first show them what it is you are offering. Be clear and engaging, and include prices and any other relevant information visitors looking to hire or buy from you will expect or need to know.

Contact Us Form

Selling yourself and your services/products is pointless if you leave visitors with no way of contacting you. A contact form can be placed anywhere on a website and should be utilised wherever appropriate. The homepage should always have a contact number on display. An individual contact us page is not always necessary but often preferred due to its fundamentally important function.

Highly Quality Visuals

Whether you have a landing page or a basic 4-page website, high quality visuals are a must. Not only can a picture speak 1000 words, but it can also showcase your work, bring pages to life, entice visitors and increase trust due to a look of professionalism. Images and pictures cost very little to take and stock images are incredibly affordable to purchase (some are even FREE).

Social Media Icons

Social Media is free to use and you can provide an unlimited amount of information by posting regularly. Connecting your accounts to your website will improve SEO, enrich your information and engagement element and allow you to build-up trust with visitors. It’s budget-friendly and effortless for a web designer to do.

And there you have it, 6 affordable must-have features & elements to include in your business website.

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